When you know more, you can achieve more

Set your business up for sustained growth by identifying the most promising opportunities, developing clear, actionable plans and achieve new levels of growth.

Customer Intelligence transforms understanding into growth. It underpins your decision making, provides greater focus to current activities and helps you make much better strategic and day to day decisions.



We help you identify the most promising and ground-breaking customer opportunities for your business that will truly move the dial.

Gain Clarity

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We help you develop ambitious but achievable plans that get key stakeholders on board, unite your team and make your improvement plans a reality.

Gain Control

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We help guide you in learning the skills and methodologies to continuously identify and realise business improvement opportunities in your organisation that ensure customers remain at the centre.

Gain Confidence

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Clearly define your biggest obstacle to growing with less effort and costs.

In order for you and your team to be inspired to drive positive change, they need to understand what problem they are solving and why it matters. By using a Structured Customer Understanding methodology you get to really understand both your customer and business needs. In far greater detail than you ever have before, it provides absolute clarity on the value case for bringing about change.

The activities and approaches that drive improvements:
  • Define the vision and strategy for the target experience and the principles of success.
  • Discover what customers value using qualitative design research and draw inspiration from leaders in other sectors.
  • Develop insights to build empathy for and assist you to prioritise what's most important for those you are designing for.
  • Design target journeys and imagine new solutions to realise the desired customer experience.
  • Develop a value case that reassures decision makers about the rationale for investment and change.
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Feel in control of every decision you make, knowing it is the right one, because you've tested it with your staff, your customers and your market.

Having control and clear sight of what is required to deliver the target experience is key. What do you and your people need to know and do? How do all the initiatives interrelate to ensure you move from ideas to actions?
Having the answers ensures you can implement the changes required. You understand the roles, requirements, resources and partnerships needed to be established. You know how to design the operational requirements and implementation roadmaps. And you have the confidence that every delivery team understands their role in implementing improvements.

The activities and approaches that drive improvements:
  • Identify the enablers required to achieve the desired outcomes for customers and the business.
  • Design in detail the priority service experiences that will deliver the most value.
  • Define the new roles and behaviours needed to support new ways of working and develop training to support execution.
  • Co-create the operational design - how will we actually deliver the services and products.
  • Execute the priority initiatives in a way that focuses energy and sequences the projects to drive maximum success.
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Create a plan that has the agreement and buy-in of your whole leadership team, and one your people are inspired to deliver.

Drive business growth and achieve faster results with less effort through increased commitment and confidence. Once the direction is clear, it’s time to take action. Together we create a plan having prioritised, organised and set you and your team up to deliver ensuring your growth opportunities are realised - sooner rather than later.

The activities and approaches that drive improvements:
  • Engage stakeholders in co-developing the change plans, roles and responsibilities to realise delivery.
  • Trial training resources and toolkits to prototype the right methods and resources.
  • Assess the CX maturity across the business and identify objectives and areas of opportunity.
  • Codify the end-to end process to integrate ways of working for new and existing employees.
  • Scale the adoption of the right structure and governance to drive growth as a service.

Meet Damian and Kara

Kara and Damian both have extensive experience in leading workshops for organisations with complex business challenges and delivering valuable alignment and business outcomes.

Their approach uses a combination of Design Thinking and Speed Facilitation to extract multiple viewpoints and assist attendees to reach agreement and clarity quickly.

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