Accelerate change with insights
that create lasting value

Maximise the value of large-scale digital transformation by understanding precisely what users want before you start.

Our Approach

We help our channel partners and their customers to build the commercial, the human and technical foundation for a successful cloud-first, digital transformation journey. With a global team of accredited experts, we assist our partners and their clients with services to plan, optimise and innovate their IT platforms.

We ensure they fully understand what users and customers want from it, before investing significant time and money on features that won't be adopted or used. We help businesses make insight-driven and cost-saving decisions while navigating their digital future.

You'll Achieve

Gain insight as part of your digital transformation to ensure your technology is at the core of achieving your business strategy rather than becoming an expensive miss. This approach reduces operating expenses and inefficiency.

Have full confidence in what your customers and employees need most and how can digital processes help? We help you start with these questions to create better processes and outcomes across the board.

We markedly increase the chances that a digital transformation will work by maximising the value of your human and technology investment, gaining the backing of leaders and your teams so they are aligned on the technology adoption and rollout.

How we achieve it

Customer Insight

Your biggest challenge is likely one you haven't even uncovered yet. Insights help increase profitability by closing the gap between the promises you make to customers and how you deliver them.

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Journey Mapping

Having a central view of the customers' journey reveals what customers, users and staff experience at every interaction. This is a powerful way to create empathy for customers and drive change at every level of your business.

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Employee Adoption and Engagement

Seeing your organisation through the eyes of your staff can help you harness the potential you're holding and encourage increased adoption and engagement with less effort.

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Rapid prototyping delivers fast and reliable outcomes by testing ideas. Customers and employees can work collaboratively in the process to achieve the best outcome

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Clients we work with.

Meet Damian

As Proto CEO, Damian is responsible for driving our clients growth initiatives. He has a wealth of local and international experience with companies such as Diageo, Fosters and Telstra in senior management roles as well as co-founding Proto 14 years ago and leading over 200+ projects.

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