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Video Guides

Access our Video Guides to help you Understand Your Customers and Grow Your Business.

Customer Journey Mapping video guide

The Value of Customer Journey Mapping

When you have proven frameworks that deliver real results for those you serve, you’re unstoppable.

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Customer Centricity video guide

How to Become More Customer Centric

With a proven approach to becoming more customer centric, growth becomes much easier and comes much quicker.

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The value of understanding customers video guide

How to create a successful CX Program

We serve as your guide and deliver the most comprehensive view of the customer you’ve ever had.

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Proto Information and Resources

Access all our Information Sheets about how we transform understanding into Growth.

Understand your customers, grow your businss

Understand your customers.
Grow your business.

We help you Understand Your Customers and Grow Your Business. Start here to know what we do and how we help.

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customer intelligience

An introduction to Customer Intelligence

Understand how Structured Customer Understanding is built to fuel any organisation that wants to drive business growth and achieve faster results with less effort.

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introduction to proto human centred design

An Introduction to Proto Human Centred Design

Our Structured Customer Understanding Methodology informs your Decision Making. The way we Approach Human Centred Design.

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9 step business growth map 2021

Our 9 Step to Business Growth Map 2021

Overview of our 9 Step Business Growth Approach to attract and keep more customers with less effort and less cost.

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9 step business growth map details 2021

Our 9 Step Business Growth Map with Supporting Detail

9 Step Approach to Business Growth Map helps to grow your company in a strategic and successful way.

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9 step business growth map brochure

Our 9 Step Business Growth Map Brochure

Here is a flyer with 9 proven Business Growth Map steps and techniques that serve their purpose well in today's busy marketplace.

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a blueprint for change

A Blueprint
For Growth

Are you looking to Transform Customer Understanding into Customer Growth? Here is a Blueprint that explains how to do it.

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sales growth driven design framework

Growth Driven Design Framework

Why is Growth-Driven Design a better framework? To transform Customer understanding into Customer Growth. Use it to get started today.

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introduction to proto

An introduction to Proto: Approach, Mindset and Insights

This flyer is for you to kickstart with your Customer Experience understanding.

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customer journey mapping 101

Customer Journey Mapping 101

Here is an easy to read and highly visual guide that shows you exactly what a Customer Journey Map is and the benefits of creating one for your business.

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mapping both sides of the customer journey

Customer Journey Map: Why to Map both sides, customer, staff?

Here's why mapping both sides of the journey delivers better outcomes.

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how employees impact customer experience

Impact of Employee Experience on Customer Experience

Happy employees create better experiences. Find out how with this guide.

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customer led transformation maturity model

Customer-Led Transformation Model: Step to Success

Here is our Visual Roadmap for Customer-Led Transformation.

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action plan to transform cx

Action Plan to Successfully Transform Customer Experience (CX)

Find out what process a Customer Experience (CX) Project follows.

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structured customer understanding process digital

Structured Customer Understanding Overview

Overview of our Process and how we help our Clients achieve deeper understanding though a structured research process.

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capabilities to build customer centric organisation

The Six Capabilities to Build A Customer Centric Organisation

Would you like to better understand the Capabilities in Customer-Centric Organisation? Improve experience irrespective of industry, organisation.

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customer led maturity model

Customer Maturity Model: Stepwise Process to Success

Use this Customer Maturity Model to assist you to assess where your Organisation falls in terms of Customer Experience Maturity.

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create your own cx diagnostic 2021

CX Metrics: Design & Construct Your Own CX Diagnostic 2021

Get started on design company-wise right solutions and experiences using our CX diagnostic program.

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Smarter Value Propositions for Smarter Businesses

Smarter Value Propositions for Smarter Businesses

Gain the clarity you need to understand precisely what is most important to your customers and deliver exactly that.

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Using Personas to Understand your Customers

Using Personas to Understand your Customers

Personas are a valuable way to know your customers’ needs, behaviours and goals that result in compelling products and services.

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Customer Feedback Loop

Customer Experience Strategy

Are you looking to develop a Customer Strategy? Want to get started on your path to increased customer centricity?

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Customer Feedback Loop

Build a Customer Service Strategy

Successful customer service strategy starts with an aspiration centred on what matters to customers and empowering frontline workers to deliver.

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Workshops and Training Offers

A series of workshops and training offers designed by Proto to enable your business to become more Customer Centric.

customer experience masterclass training

Customer Experience Masterclass Training

A 2 day Workshop where you will analyse your customer issues, develop your Value Proposition, Ideal Future State and Customer Strategy Roadmap.

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cx strategy roadmap

CX Strategy Roadmap

A 1-day Workshop of CX Strategy Roadmap that define and improve key areas that make a cohesive CX Strategy with confidence to make the right decisions.

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path to build customer centricity

The Path to Build Customer Centricity (PDF)

A 1-day workshop that focuses on building Customer-Centric Culture or Customer-Centricity using the 6 critical customer capability areas.

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solve customer experience challenges

Solve your important Customer Experience challenges

A 4-week program that takes a significant CX challenges you face and solve it in 30 days with a clear, tangible, actionable roadmap.

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think like the customer

Winning Strategy: Think like the Customer

Think like your customers and provide them exactly what they want as a competitive advantage.

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reach cx goals work with experts

Reach your CX Business Goals: Work with the Experts

Experts with over 20+ years of combined CX experience, we coach you or your team through any CX challenges you’re facing right now.

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Download our Worksheets and get started today on improving your CX.

Customer Intelligence Iceberg

Dive deeper and unpack your customer's unmet needs.

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cx health check

Ultimate CX Diagnostic Scorecard: Drive growth Metrics

Use our CX Scorecard for accountability and greater Insights.

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The Customer Intelligence Framework

Undertake a structured process to achieve absolute confidence in every decision you make.

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Customer Value Proposition

Define in one sentence what makes your offer so compelling to customers.

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Growth Drivers Wheel

Understand the 8 critical areas of success across your business model.

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High Level Customer Journey

Map out your current customer journey with what is working well and not so well.

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White Papers

Download and read our Whitepapers on our ideas and insights on best practice approaches to CX.

Service Design Australia

The basics of Service Design. Excellent reading if you're struggling to move beyond the idea that improved service means less profit.

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Customer experience ideation is not CX innovation

Creating ideas (aka ideation) isn't the same as innovating. Find out why here.

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CX outside-in thinking

User-centred design delves deeply into customer's unmet needs and wants. But why are Australian businesses reluctant to use it?

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Designing outstanding customer experiences

With CX becoming mainstream why does the gap between what companies promise and their customers receive differ so much?

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Customer experience for franchises

Who is the Customer? We uncover the ways experience design for franchise organisations differs from traditional business.

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Brand-driven CX service innovation

How a global icon elevated their customer service standard to new heights by successfully combining the traditionally opposing forces of business rigour and design empathy.

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Transform CX vision into tangible action

How to balance improved customer experiences and hard commercial sense? Ask the right questions, but it's what you do with the answers that really counts…read more here.

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CX insights and business metrics = service innovation

Prove the commercial viability of your customer centric project and gain the trust of decision makers by using traditional management metrics.

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