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What does a world-class customer experience for every leading Australian organisation look like? We don’t know – but we do know it has to be evolved from and enabled by people.

A career at Proto not only gives you the tools to help tackle tomorrow’s business challenges – it connects you to a unique community of people who care deeply about what they do and why it matters.

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We value and invest in the individuals behind customer experience innovation. Our appreciation for diversity and equality inspires our team spirit and execution success.

Damian Kernahan, CEO

Putting people first

Proto is a catalyst for positive change because we infuse our client's know-how with compelling customer insights. That’s how we have built a small but cohesive team where talent can find flexible ways to work that fit them and their family.

When you work at Proto, you can be confident your competence is appreciated and valued. This means you can use your knowledge and ideas in a variety of ways. We are flexible and welcome you into every area of our organization. We want to create opportunities for you so can develop as an individual and shape new ways of working with the team.

Why is Proto a great
place to work?

Do you know how it feels to look forward to your work day? We do! Here’s our top 10 reasons why Proto is a great place to work.

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We build teams based on attitude and values

Ideas and innovation rarely occur in isolation. At Proto we’re building layers of diversity and equality so that we can grow and develop together.

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Our Employees


Experience Designer

“It's great to be part of an organisation that genuinely values and cares for its employees. It is a very safe and open environment where we can freely express ourselves and work together to develop the best outcome for our clients.”


Experience Designer

“It’s refreshing to be a part of an organisation where its leaders genuinely take the time to listen and encourage all of us to be brave, so we in turn can be great for the customers and partners.”

Meet Damian

As Proto CEO, Damian is responsible for driving our clients growth initiatives. He has a wealth of local and international experience with companies such as Diageo, Fosters and Telstra in senior management roles as well as co-founding Proto 14 years ago and leading over 200+ projects.

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