Is your Customer team set up for success?

Competition is increasing faster than ever before and coming from places that weren't even on your radar just a few years ago. As a result, customer engagement champions need to understand their customers better than ever before to engage them better, grow loyalty and revenue. We can help you do that.

Successfully plan, initiate and realise customer improvement projects

As much as customer experience has become a part of our everyday working lives, successfully realising innovative customer improvement projects to better engage your customers can still be challenging. From knowing which customer initiatives will have the greatest positive impact to designing and executing ambitious but achievable plans, not to mention getting key stakeholders and your team on board - being a customer leader is not easy.

You need a partner to help you overcome these challenges and make your customer improvement goals a reality. That’s what we’re here to do.

We can help you improve your customer experience

Using a combination of customer research, design thinking and commercial rigour, we serve as your guide to delivering the most comprehensive view of the customer you’ve ever had. Together, we work to imagine what's genuinely possible and will create a customer improvement program that differentiates and innovates. We use extensive experience in deeply understanding customers and their needs, then develop prioritised roadmaps that are pragmatic and commercially realistic.

The results we seek with you are human-centred, grounded in your reality– so that in the end, you’ll know exactly what your customers want and what prioritised steps you need to take across your organisation to achieve your goals.

Make great customer experience a reality

We listen to your commercial objectives and then collaborate with you to create and design real customer offers that succeed. We then communicate our design blueprints and user stories to your technology and business teams, who produce, launch and operate them

Identify promising opportunities

We help you identify the most promising opportunities for your business, products and team.

Develop clear, actionable strategies

We help you develop ambitious but highly actionable plans to make your business goals a reality.

Maximise Loyalty and Retention

We help you develop and execute strategies that will see you keep more of your customers for longer.

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Understand your Customers
and Grow your Business

Grow your revenue and minimise wasted investment by understanding precisely what your customers do and don’t want.

Meet Damian

As Proto CEO, Damian is responsible for driving our clients growth initiatives. He has a wealth of local and international experience with companies such as Diageo, Fosters and Telstra in senior management roles as well as co-founding Proto 14 years ago and leading over 200+ projects.

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