Build a Customer Culture

Enable better Customer Interactions

Improve your ongoing Customer Service

77% of consumers say inefficient customer
experiences detract from their quality of life.


Do your Customers...

  • Feel like they have to follow up multiple times to find out what is happening with requests?

  • Perceive Council Staff as not being easy to deal with or inconsistent in their response?

  • See the end-to-end journey as disjointed rather than a seamless experience across Council?

Do your Staff...

  • Experience poor or non-existent communication between business units?

  • Lack clearly defined customer performance standards as they are not visible or don’t exist?

  • Lack the tools to use complaints and satisfaction data and improve service issues?

Moving from customer service to customer experience isn’t easy.

Transitioning from customer service to customer experience focus is complex.

It entails shifting from resolving individual interactions to holistically enhancing the entire journey. This demands reshaping processes, technology, and culture.

Achieving consistency, predicting needs, and embedding a customer-centric ethos poses challenges in both mindset and operations, making it more complex when you already have a day job.


You don't have to do
this alone.

We help the whole organisation understand the importance of Customer Experience and help you transform to seeing customer experience as a philosophy, not a department. And then understand what are the moments of truth in your customer experience and how to handle them.

By better understanding your customer’s needs, we serve as your guide to deliver the most comprehensive customer strategy you’ve ever had.

And in the end, you’ll know exactly what your customers want and what prioritised steps you need to take within your Council to achieve your goals.


Over the past 13 years and over 200 projects we’ve built the expertise to help Local Governments understand precisely what their customers want, and we give them the confidence to deliver it.

Proto were really great at engaging with all different stakeholders throughout this process – from getting our operational staff on board to educating executives on why we were going through this process and how it would look.

Sarah Howell

CX Manager - Lane Cove Council

I expected a long drawn out process working with you and the turnaround time was was brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. My expectations were exceeded in terms of how quickly we got through the process, without sacrificing anything.

Customer experience manager

Regional Council

I would highly recommend Proto Partners as they have an in-depth knowledge on how to improve customer experience and work very closely with internal teams to deliver a really positive result not only for customers but also for the teams.

Jacqui O'Neill

GM of Customer & Community - Tamworth Council

Make your Customer the Hero

Build Partnerships with your Community

Empowered Pro-active Employees

You deserve to have an overarching vision of what excellent customer service looks like.

Understand and Identify
What’s Most Important

Find out what’s most important to your customers with research that clarifies, not confuses.

Build an
Experience Strategy

Create a strategy that ensures every experience is driven by excellence to create a positive customer experience.

Embed a Culture of
Customer Centricity

Deliver improvements through a team of people who share a set of attitudes, values, mindsets and behaviours that put the customer at the heart.

Make the customer the hero of your story.

The process is simple to get started.



No pressure. We’ll just see if your needs align with how we help.



We meet you where you are to craft a plan unique to your Council.



Create a customer-centric roadmap through improved culture, empowered workforce and firm focus on customers’ needs.


Before entering into contract, we run risk-free planning sessions with Councils to ensure we understand exactly what problems they are trying to solve and that we are the right people to solve them.

Our projects are complete when our Local Government clients are happy with the outcome.
Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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CX Strategy

Build upon your excellent customer service with a detailed CX Strategy

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Customer Journey Mapping

Map your key services and uncover pain points and opportunities for improvement

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Customer Experience Training

Involve all your staff in creating a customer-centric culture

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Customer-led Service Reviews

Improve your Services by adding a customer lens to Service Delivery Reviews

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A successful customer experience strategy starts with an aspiration centred on what matters to customers and empowering frontline workers to deliver against those service experiences and feel good doing it.

Our 5 Practices show you how.

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Meet Damian

As Proto CEO, Damian is responsible for working with our Local Government clients and helping them develop and implement their Customer Experience Strategy. He has a wealth of local, state and Federal Government experience having led projects for Camden, Campbelltown, Albury and Lane Cove Councils. Over the past 14 years, he has led over 200+ projects and brings that experience and insight to each Local Government engagement.

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