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Organisations don’t have a systematic process to create an ongoing experience that customers truly value. Our Building Customer Capital Blog features a collection of articles that shows you how to go about improving your customer experience and then link it to financial value.

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We believe ‘done is better than perfect’. In that spirit, we regularly write and publish White Papers that share our perspectives and insights generated from the work we undertake with our clients.

Customer service being written on a post-it note

Welcome to Service Design

The basics of Service Design. Excellent reading if you’re struggling to move beyond the idea that improved service levels and increased profits are incompatible.

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Ideation is not innovation - wall of customer touch points and channels

Ideation is not innovation

Creating ideas (aka ideation) isn't the same as innovating. Why? Because true innovation creates real value, bridging the gap between nice to have and must have.

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Proto outside-in thinking graphic

Outside-in thinking

User-centred design delves deeply into customer's unmet needs and wants. It's been used successfully overseas to retain customers in an increasingly competitive market. But why are Australian businesses reluctant to use it? Find out here.

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Proto employee identifying key themes on a white board

Creating outstanding customer experience

As Australia's service economy continues to grow, the quality gap between what companies perceive their service experience to be and the reality (according to their customers) needs some serious attention.

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Two people holding up question mark signs against their face

Improving the Customer Experience for franchises

Who is the customer? In the case of a franchise, it’s not always clear. We uncover the ways experience design for franchise organisations differs from traditional business models and drive increased franchise revenue.

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View of a high-rise office block from below

How to leverage large outcomes for a global icon

How a global icon elevated their customer service standard to new heights by successfully combining the traditionally opposing forces of business rigour and design empathy.

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Happy customer making a transaction in a small boutique shop

The Experience of Customer Experience

How to balance improved customer experiences and hard commercial sense? First you must ask the right questions, but it’s what you do with the answers that really counts…read more here.

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Customer viewing metrics on a ipad to analyze meaning

Metrics + Meaning = Magic

Prove the commercial viability of your customer centric project and gain the trust of decision makers by using traditional management approved metrics.

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Customer service satisfaction survey rating with poor experience ticked 16 January 2019

Why customers complain more about a bad service over a bad product

After surveying nearly 100,000 people globally, the authors of “The Effortless Experience: Conquering the New Battleground for Customer Loyalty” made an intriguing discovery. If people have a positive...

Man stood in front of a chalk board with a cloud bubble drawing containing a question mark 19 December 2018

Five Questions Your Need to Ask Yourself

Companies aren't short of ideas. That's not the problem most organisations are facing today. Walk into any boardroom and they're brimming with ideas and innovations that will purportedly add zeros...

Small white robot representing shiny new technology 6 December 2018

Don't Spend $2 Million on an App Without Knowing What Your Customer Truly Wants

Businesses are acutely aware that to remain competitive, they need to be providing a seamless experience for their customers. Ten years ago a LinkedIn search for ‘customer experience manager’ would have...

ipad and iPhone on a bed representing shiny new technology 3 December 2018

How to overcome ‘Shiny iPad Syndrome’

Before you make a significant investment in development of a new app, organisations must understand what customers truly want. Most often, what they want is for organisations to fulfill the promises they made when they signed up...

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