In an era where seamless experiences define brand loyalty, our training modules ensure your teams are adept at crafting interactions that customers value, teams can deliver and the business generates strong revenue and margins.

Empowering teams with the right tools is vital in today's customer-centric world. Our CX Training & Capability services offer tailored training that addresses your team's unique challenges. With hands-on learning and real-world scenarios, we ensure lessons translate directly into improved interactions.

Our holistic approach covers both the art and science of customer experience. From journey mapping to fostering a customer-first culture, we ensure every touchpoint reinforces your brand's promise, driving consistent excellence and value.

Areas of expertise

Customer Experience Training

Empower your teams with comprehensive training tailored to elevate every customer interaction, ensuring consistent delivery of exceptional experiences.

Reignite your team's approach to customer engagement with our bespoke Customer Experience Training. We tailor our service to the unique dynamics of your business, empower your staff and ensure you consistently deliver outstanding customer experiences.

Our approach blends knowledge from multiple categories with pragmatic applications using real-world scenarios. We cover essential aspects of customer interaction, from effective communication techniques to understanding and anticipating customer needs, ensuring every interaction is impactful and memorable.

The outcome of this training is a team proficient in delivering exceptional customer experiences. because it elevates your service standards and drives tangible business benefits and customer engagement.

Build a Customer-Centric Culture

Transform your organisational ethos by embedding a customer-first mentality, ensuring every decision and action resonates with your audience's needs and desires.

Embed a customer-first ethos in your organisation with our Customer-Centric Culture approach ensures that each decision and action within your company aligns closely with your audience's needs.

Our expert-led program focuses on reshaping your organisational culture, instilling values and practices prioritising customer perspectives. We deliver bespoke training and workshops that foster understanding and empathy towards customer experiences, driving a shift in mindset across all levels of your staff.

By adopting this customer-centric approach, your organisation not only enhances customer satisfaction but also bolsters brand loyalty and business performance.

Capability Frameworks

Establish robust frameworks that define and enhance your team's capabilities, ensuring they're equipped to deliver unparalleled customer experiences at every point in the journey.

Transform your team’s potential into performance with our Capability Frameworks service. Designed to define and enhance your team's skills, this framework ensures your staff are empowered to deliver unparalleled customer experiences at every journey point.

Our approach involves developing pragmatic frameworks that identify key competencies and skills required for exceptional customer service. These serve as a blueprint for training and development, ensuring a consistently high level of service across all customer touchpoints.

By implementing these frameworks, your organisation fosters a culture of continuous learning and improvement, directly improving customer engagement and satisfaction.

Customer Experience Assessment

Gain a holistic view of your current customer experience landscape, identifying strengths and areas of improvement to ensure continuous enhancement of every touchpoint.

Evaluating your customer experience capability means you can effectively turn it into actions that directly benefit the customer or the organisation. During a Customer Experience Assessment, we discover areas where a CX strategy could be improved to align it with what customers truly value.

For organisations wanting to assess, define and re-align their customer experience strategy, a rigorous CX Assessment will help answer the following questions:

Does the organisation have a current or adopted Customer Experience (CX) strategy?

Is the voice of the customer and customer insights understood and does it inform and drive business decisions?

Is the organisation's culture customer-centric?

Working with Proto was a leap of faith, but they have become a major strategic partner in our CX evolution. The work they've developed and the way we've been able to embed it in the organisation has been absolutely phenomenal, and we're getting the outcomes we want.

Felicity Clark

Alinta Energy

Proto were a pleasure to work with. They were adaptive and responsive, and developed a deep empathy for both the client and their customers. The quality of their products and services was outstanding.

Michael Storey

Sydney Water

Without the customer experience insights from the research program, we would not have been able to identify the acquisition issues that we had. Changes to the customer interactions that led up to financial protection have reduced the outflow rates by 50%.

Felicity Rowcliff Dean

BT Financial Group