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The customer should be at centre of every business decision, but if you don't know what your customer needs it can be hard to make that a reality.

We give you the insights you need to build a truly customer-centric business, letting the voice of the customer guide you in how to deliver outstanding services.

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Proto's Growth Driven Design Method

For over 10 years, we have continually refined our approach to build a growth-driven design methodology that transforms the experience of your customers and employees. Three fundamentals are at the heart of achieving and maintaining this shift which enables us to craft a unique and relevant engagement for each of our clients.


Design the Experience

Bring to life the Experience you should deliver

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Enable the Organisation

Determine what is required to execute the Experience

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Scale the CX Capability

Embed customer centred behaviours and capabilities

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Before they can bring to life the experience they want to deliver, organisations first need a compelling vision.

In order for your people and everyone associated with your Service to be inspired to drive positive change, they need to understand who they are designing for and why. Through research and deep understanding of both customers and your business needs, it's important to create the value case for bringing about change.

The activities and approaches that drive improvements:
  • Define the vision and strategy for the target experience and the principles of success.
  • Discover what customers value using qualitative design research and draw inspiration from leaders in other sectors.
  • Develop insights to build empathy for and assist you to prioritise what's most important for those you are designing for.
  • Design target journeys and imagine new solutions to realise the desired customer experience.
  • Develop a value case that reassures decision makers about the rationale for investment and change.
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Businesses must determine all the constituent parts and people required to execute the Experience.

You need a clear sight of the system of enablers required to deliver the target experience. What does everyone need to do and how do all the initiatives interrelate to ensure you move from ideas to actions. To implement the changes required, the new ecosystem of people, roles, requirements, resources and partnerships need first to be established. This informs the design of the operational requirements and implementation roadmaps. This then assists delivery teams and helps colleagues understand their role in implementing improvements.

The activities and approaches that drive improvements:
  • Identify the enablers required to achieve the desired outcomes for customers and the business.
  • Design in detail the priority service experiences that will deliver the most value.
  • Define the new roles and behaviours needed to support new ways of working and develop training to support execution.
  • Co-create the operational design - how will we actually deliver the services and products.
  • Execute the priority initiatives in a way that focuses energy and sequences the projects to drive maximum success.
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Businesses need Customer-centred behaviours and capabilities embedded into the culture to evolve and sustain the experience.

You need internal teams who are capable of evolving the experience, choosing the right enablers and strengthening the culture. For the CX team, their role evolves to inspiring the wider organisation to invest in improved service experiences and ensuring they are delivered with care. As an organisation, of central importance becomes instilling a new set of beliefs, ways of working and an attitude that inspires more and more staff to be more customer-centred. Aside from the direct customer experience function, it's important that everybody sees the value of being customer centric, understands their role and their impact on the customer experience.

The activities and approaches that drive improvements:
  • Engage stakeholders in co-developing the change plans, roles and responsibilities to realise delivery.
  • Trial training resources and toolkits to prototype the right methods and resources.
  • Assess the CX maturity across the business and identify objectives and areas of opportunity.
  • Codify the end-to end process to integrate ways of working for new and existing employees.
  • Scale the adoption of the right structure and governance to drive growth as a service.

Our Growth Driven Design approach can help you achieve...

20% increase in ease of doing business; 25% decrease in customer complaints 20% increase in customer loyalty; 25% decrease in customer churn 10% increase in customer lifetime value; 15% decrease in cost to serve

3 ways to work with us

We offer flexible partnerships that focus on what you need, when you need it. We offer three ways you can engage us to deliver on your business and customer goals.

Proto working on a project basis with a client

Project based

A fresh start can be the best start. If you believe you have some customer challenges but want a blank-sheet approach that works from the outside in to develop your Customer Strategy working with us on a project might be for you. It assists you to transform how you approach your innovation project, streamline work processes, reveal customer opportunities and unlock substantial savings.

Proto client partaking in CX workshops and training

Workshops and training

Like most innovation nerds we're always happy to share our passion with others, demonstrating just how much customer-led design can make a difference to your business.

Proto delivery ongoing CX support by synthesising NPS data

Ongoing Support

Building outstanding experiences is a journey, not only for your customers, but also for your organisation. If you need additional resources and expertise across an extended period of time, but don't have the time or people to achieve your business objectives, we are here to work with you and help you identify, prioritise and deliver on your goals.

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