In an age where the customer is the new CEO, our human-centric research and design ensures your products and services exceed evolving expectations - creating memorable experiences at every touchpoint.

Utilising our Experience & Design services, we’ll unlock the potential of your customer experience - turning insights into actionable strategies that deliver real business benefits.

With our guidance you'll say goodbye to opinions and hello to certainty as we demystify your customer data and deliver structured insights that will ensure every future design decision is informed, relevant, and impactful.

We pose a simple yet profound question: "What would it take to turn your Customers into your Promoters?".

Areas of expertise

Human Centred Research

Empower your product and service development with insights derived from detailed human-centric research, ensuring every offering resonates deeply with your target audience.

Using in-depth market research, we will explore how customers interact with your business – collecting honest consumer insights and revealing key customer pain points that are creating friction between your business and your customers.

With this outside-in approach, we’ll work to develop practical and cost-effective solutions for the uncovered issues - turning an average experience into a memorable one (for all the right reasons).

Customer Journey Mapping

Identify and optimise pivotal moments of customer interaction for maximum impact with detailed and meticulous journey mapping.

A customer journey map visually tells the story of your customer's experience with your organisation - from their first point of contact to the end, ensuring that every interaction (no matter how small) is documented and recognised.

Working together, we give everyone in the business a complete picture of how your customers experience the products, services, and brand daily to build empathy and deeper understanding. We will also reveal gaps in your customer experiences and explore innovative solutions that customers will value.

Customer Insights

Harness actionable insights to guide your strategic actions and ensure your offerings aligns seamlessly with your customers’ needs and desires.

Customer insights uncover the underlying mindsets, emotions, motivations, desires, and aspirations that trigger how customers behave when interacting with a service.

We distil our customer research into several understandable and easily digestible customer insights, tailor specifically to meet your unique customer and business needs.

Each insight can then become an action item that aligns services and ensures you can meet and exceed your customer's expectations - negating the need for assumptions and theories when it comes to solving customer problems.

Service Design & Innovation

Reimagine how you deliver value with cutting-edge service design and innovation, guaranteeing every touchpoint is efficient and memorable.

Service Design ensures that you design your products/services with a focus on what your customers truly value – allowing you to deliver each touchpoint in a seamless and intuitive way that your customers appreciate. It moves the idea of customer management experience from something accidental to being intentional.

Our unique process ensures that designing an innovative customer experience is validated with vast amounts of data, research, and insights. Then, keeping your customers at the centre of the service design and customer experience process, we create a new service model for your business, turning previous points of friction and stress into smooth customer-centric experiences.

Future State Experience Design

Anticipate customers evolving needs crafting future-focused experience designs that not only meet but also exceed and set the standard for your competition.

Future State Experience Design propels your brand beyond current reality, focusing on developing customer experiences that satisfy today's needs and anticipate and shape future expectations. Our approach involves a deep dive into emerging market trends, customer behaviours, and technological advancements to envision and craft experiences that set the standard in your category.

By thoroughly analysing unmet customer needs, we create innovative, relevant, and adaptable experiences that your customers will love. Our designs are crafted to evolve with customer expectations, keeping your brand consistently ahead of your competitors and solidifying its position as a market leader in customer experience innovation.

This is the most comprehensive and strategically powerful customer listening, and staff listening project we have ever done. The outputs have given us a focused roadmap that we will use as the backbone for our growth strategy for the next two years. Thank you.

Ant Morrell

Co-Founder of BOUNCE

The quality was awesome, incredible document, epic piece of work. I knew we would get something good out of it. I didn't realise it'd be so in depth. So that was really great.

Aexandra Haughton

Launch and innovation director

In an age where many companies offer the same thing, it's how you do the same thing that becomes critical. Proto is an expert at showing companies how to be different in a way that matters most to your customers.

Matthew Liebmann

Chief Operating Officer