In an age where the customer is the new CEO. Our human-centric research and design ensure your offerings not only meet but exceed the evolving expectations, creating memorable experiences at every touchpoint.

Our Experience & Design services are crafted to unlock the potential of your customer experience, turning insights into actionable strategies that deliver real business benefits. By freeing your customer data and making it endlessly reusable, we ensure that every design decision is informed, relevant, and impactful.

We pose a simple yet profound question: "What would it take to turn your Customers into your Promoters?". With our guidance, you'll redefine your limits, achieve ridiculously valuable structured insights, and witness outcomes that genuinely resonate with your audience so you can say goodbye to opinions and hello to certainty.

Areas of expertise

Human Centred Research

Empower your product and service development with insights derived from detailed human-centric research, ensuring every offering resonates deeply with your target audience.

How do you identify and remove friction between a business and its customers? Detailed customer research provides a fresh, outside-in approach that identifies areas of business friction that internal teams may struggle to uncover in the normal run of their day-to-day. We use in-depth market research methods to quickly get to the customer truth, revealing key customer pain points and how to fix them or take a good experience and make it even better.

We work with you to research how customers interact with a business. It is one of the most critical components of improving the customer experience because it gives access to honest consumer insights not otherwise available.

Customer Journey Mapping

Understand the path your customers take with detailed journey mapping, enabling you to identify pivotal moments and optimise each interaction for maximum impact.

A customer journey map visually represents your customers' interactions with you across all touchpoints. It helps you ensure every interaction with them, no matter how small, will not go unnoticed or forgotten and that no one falls through the cracks.

It tells the story of your customer's experience from their first interaction with the organisation to the end. Mapping the customer journey reveals gaps in customer experiences and explores innovative solutions that customers value.

Working together, we give everyone in the business a complete picture of how your customers experience the products, services and brand daily to build empathy and deeper understanding.

Customer Insights

Go beyond the obvious into the trade-offs and struggles of your customers, harnessing actionable insights that guide your strategies and ensure your offerings align perfectly with their needs and desires.

Customer insights uncover the underlying mindsets, emotions, motivations, desires and aspirations that trigger how customers behave when interacting with a service. Insights provide information to solve customer problems when interacting with an organisation. It negates the need for assumptions and is tailored to meet the customer and business needs.

We distill our customer research into several understandable and easily digestible customer insights. Our customer research page explains how we gather this information in more detail.

Each insight can then become an action item that aligns services and ensures you can meet and exceed your customer's expectations.

Service Design & Innovation

Reimagine how you deliver value with cutting-edge service design and innovation, ensuring every touchpoint is efficient and memorable.

Service Design ensures that when you design your products/services with a focus on what your customers truly value, each touchpoint is delivered in a seamless and intuitive way that your customers appreciate. It moves the idea of customer management experience from something accidental to being intentional.

Our unique process ensures that designing an innovative customer experience is validated with vast amounts of data, research and insights. Then, keeping your customers at the centre of the service design and customer experience process, we create a new service model for your business, turning previous points of friction and stress into smooth customer-centric experiences.

Future State Experience Design

Anticipate the evolving needs of your customers by crafting future-focused experience designs that not only meet but also set the standard for your competition.

Future State Experience Design propels your brand beyond current reality, focusing on developing customer experiences that satisfy today's needs and anticipate and shape future expectations. Our approach involves a deep dive into emerging market trends, customer behaviours, and technological advancements to envision and craft experiences that set the standard in your category.

By thoroughly analysing unmet customer needs, we create innovative, relevant, and adaptable experiences that your customers will love. Our designs are crafted to evolve with customer expectations, keeping your brand consistently ahead of your competitors and solidifying its position as a market leader in customer experience innovation.

Working with Proto was a leap of faith, but they have become a major strategic partner in our CX evolution. The work they've developed and the way we've been able to embed it in the organisation has been absolutely phenomenal, and we're getting the outcomes we want.

Felicity Clark

Alinta Energy

Proto were a pleasure to work with. They were adaptive and responsive, and developed a deep empathy for both the client and their customers. The quality of their products and services was outstanding.

Michael Storey

Sydney Water

Without the customer experience insights from the research program, we would not have been able to identify the acquisition issues that we had. Changes to the customer interactions that led up to financial protection have reduced the outflow rates by 50%.

Felicity Rowcliff Dean

BT Financial Group