Develop ongoing approaches
to deliver CX improvements

There is an ever-increasing expectation to deliver services and amenities in a timely and cost-effective way. Local governments in Australia are typically complex organisations providing numerous services to a diverse range of people and communities. And with over 50% of council budgets spent on community services, Customer-centricity is the key to providing these services better and more efficiently, in turn, building greater trust and engagement within the communities served.

Learn how to adapt your customer experience strategy

Develop proactive approaches to facilitate ongoing CX improvements in a shifting environment and learn how to adapt your customer experience strategy to a growing and changing population and city. We help you identify how to put the customer at the centre of everything you do when planning, designing, and delivering your services. And then map your CX processes to identify pain points, bottlenecks and areas for improvement.

Identify putting
customers at the centre
of everything you do

The Customer Strategy and Experience training has been specifically designed for anyone in local government who focuses on CX and wants to expand their technical knowledge and decision-making capabilities. If you want to expand your knowledge of CX methodologies, refresh your skills, and explore new approaches, this training is for you. The training helps those looking to formalise their training with customer experience and citizen trust best practices.

Help your employees deliver
a great experience

Our Customer Strategy and Experience training allow local government participants to increase organisational agility, streamline processes and implement modern CX programs to improve customer relations.

Fundamentals of CX Design

We help you differentiate a good CX strategy from a poor one and find the balance between service levels, customer experience and cost of delivery.

Create a Customer-First Culture

We help you develop a culture of innovation and continuous improvement and ensure buy-in at all levels: from management to customer-facing and customer-enabling support staff.

Apply and evaluate improvements

We help you develop and communicate a compelling business and customer rationale to present to stakeholders to secure buy-in and ongoing funding.


Clients we work with.

Understand your customers and improve their experience

Identify the customer outcomes that reflect your customer’s needs and how customers would like to experience engaging with Council.

Meet Damian

As Proto CEO, Damian is responsible for driving our clients growth initiatives. He has a wealth of local and international experience with companies such as Diageo, Fosters and Telstra in senior management roles as well as co-founding Proto 14 years ago and leading over 200+ projects.

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