Uncover Insights across Council Services

Researching the customers of a service can generate a breadth of information and insights. Organising them in a way that drives progress is critical to your team's success.

By bringing research together in a customer journey, you can build empathy and alignment across the teams and stakeholders involved in delivering them and identify customer-centric improvements and innovation opportunities.

Using Journey Mapping
for Improvement

By turning customer research into a cohesive visual view of a customer’s journey and identifying opportunities for improvements, you'll get a map that shows what customers are feeling, doing and using as they move through your service and the pains and opportunities that arise along the way. Then you can share your customer journey map with stakeholders and those responsible for delivering the service, prioritise the opportunities you’ve identified, and start working on the most critical ones.

When to use Customer Journey Mapping

Use customer journey maps to give you insights into your customer's journey. Focusing on a specific journey lets you see where customers are getting frustrated and where to focus on creating better user outcomes. A customer journey map is the right tool if you know which Service you want to focus on to improve. And when doing so, try not to assume or guess people's real-life experiences before the exercise, as you end up with a semi-realistic assessment versus the actual customer experience.

Make great customer experience a reality

Truly understand your customers' journey and access deep insights and uncover blind spots along your customers' journey and turn problems into opportunities.

Define what you
are going to map

Choose a service like DA's, Parking or Tree permits that you want to improve to demonstrate the value of journey mapping.

Conduct research with recent users of the service

Ensure you conduct surveys and customer interviews to better understand the pain points and moments of truth.

Visualise the end-to-end journey

Map your user's journey in a way that suits your team. Represent the user's journey in swim lanes. Use visuals to communicate points on the journey.


Clients we work with.

Understand your customers and improve their experience

Identify the customer outcomes that reflect your customer’s needs and how customers would like to experience engaging with Council.

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