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The Debate on how to be Customer-Centric

A blog post by Wim Rampen discusses an article titled: “Customer Centricity, still in its infancy”. Wim Rampen believes that a CEM (Customer Experience Management)/CRM (Customer Relationship Management) strategies aren’t a necessity or a simple solution for companies to become customer-centric. His argument claims that small businesses can be customer-centric and therefore it can work on a large scale as well-meaning that a CEM/CRM strategy does not need to be in place. Customer Centricity, we believe, is a result of a cultural change made in a business. This change is one that has been mutually agreed upon and delivered through every aspect of the business. People are the heart of any organisation and when those people put people first (their customers), the organisation becomes truly customer-centric. This is a result of clear, comprehensive and sustainable customer-orientated goals and training.

Businesses without a clear direction or understanding of their customers often have difficulty in becoming customer-centric. Proto Partners help companies to uncover their customers’ wants and needs, areas where improvement is most needed (and will yield profits) and ways it can be implemented.

Read Wim's post here. 

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