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Cambridge Service Alliance's Predictions

We didn't find these predictions to be as nearly as insightful as Kerry Bodine's article we blogged on the 10th of January (read it here). However we thought we would share more predictions, this time from Cambridge Service Alliance! The predictions gloss over the obvious need and danger of more and more services depending on technology and an increasing focus on online accessibility and personalization.

It was interesting, however, that the article mentioned how health services have to move to “a much more customer-focused approach”. Rather than being the pharmaceutical services that treat illnesses, the prediction reveals that they will have to shift to a health care service that prevents illnesses.

More importantly, the Cambridge Service Alliance believes that people will stop being labelled as “consumers” as the concern for the environment and our surroundings increases. The word “consume” indicates that there is waste made whereas the word “customer” indicates a relationship between one person providing a product/service and the person receiving it. Companies easily disconnect from their customers when they refer to them as “consumers”. Hopefully, in the future, more and more businesses will detach themselves from the word “consumer” and begin to move to appreciate and value the customer.

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