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Are you following the new customer marketplace?

Is your company meeting and exceeding the evolving expectations of its newly sophisticated and highly connected wave of customers?  If you answered yes, your company is one of few leading customer-orientated organisations. The social nature of online consumers has the ability to impact your company operations, strategy and growth. If you are falling short, it is time to respond to the demands of the “new consumer-led marketplace”.

Companies need to provide a meaningful relationship with their customers that aid a highly imaginative, seamless experience.

To meet the requirements of your consumers here are four important customer-focused steps to consider:

1. Adapt to your customers’ dynamic and unforeseen needs (e.g. natural catastrophes, political events and personal tragedies): A customer’s interactions with a company during unplanned events can create both a long-lasting impression and relationship. A prompt, positive interaction can promote strong viral feedback that will improve your company’s future business.

2. Establish a trust-based relationship with your customers: It is essential to align the interests of your company to what customers need and expect. By establishing an invaluable connection with your consumers you can achieve a foundation for customer loyalty and brand preference, where your company’s products and services become more than just a commodity.

3. Leverage the customers’ entire network: Applying a holistic approach towards your customer’s social sharing with family, friends, and extended networks, can uncover an effective source of information and marketing. Don't underestimate the reach and impact of your customers’ personal network in your business model.

4. Align your business strategy with your customers’ values: Demonstrate that you recognise the social presence and impact of your company on the customer, and understand the vision and needs of your consumers. You should go beyond your own profit agenda and embrace being involved in society.

Your organisation can become successful by not underestimating “the impact that a customer-focused strategy can have on the business model, strategy and revenue”. If your company can implement a superior customer experience across all your company departments, you have the ability to consistently deliver to your customers’ expectations and achieve long term growth.

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