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Sales service experience - woo before wed

How much do customers want from a sales service experience?

It’s easy for businesses to get out of sync with their customers. You’ve got sales targets and conversion funnels; customers have their own lives…

And as much as you want to call it a “relationship”, how much can you realistically invest in keeping close all the time? How much do customers want from the post-sale service experience? Isn’t it overkill if they’ve already signed up and they’re happy?

In particular, when they’ve only just signed-up, is there any return from engaging customers further?

At Proto, we think there is.

We’re finding a key point in the sales journey is when you can build in a series of cost-effective actions that deliver a foundation for many happy years together.

It’s like a honeymoon before the wedding.

How to create customer and business relationship alignment

Proto’s worked with several clients whose salespeople are highly skilled at driving a prospect around objections, over queries and straight to the dotted line. However, post-signed cancellations are high.

The challenge is to clearly understand how your customers define the specific stages of their journey, and to pinpoint when in time their stages start to differ from your definitions of each stage.

How do your customers define the specific stages of their journey and pinpoint when in time their stages start to differ from your definitions of each stage?

One of our clients experienced a 50% increase in retained customers once they were able to identify the unsync in their process. Specifically:

How to increase customers commitment to the sale

We found the cooling-off period was interpreted by the customer as a Hall Pass, a time when they were permitted to use their freedom from our client’s attention to look for a partner that might suit them better.

With some adjustments to the sales journey, we were able to re-sync the customer and business perceptions and encourage mutual commitment. Specifically:

It all seems really obvious: if you want a successful relationship, you need wooing before the wedding.

And whilst a purchase journey requires a stage for contractual obligations, misunderstanding the ‘human-centric’ is costly.

Moonlight and music make commercial sense.

For more Proto romance, get in touch We’d love to improve your relationship success metrics.

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