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Too much and not enough

Last week we were asked by the CEO of one of our clients, 'how can you be certain that you will deliver the insights and business outcomes we need?'

It's a question we receive regularly because, from a distance, Customer Experience like most Human Centred Design is less familiar to a large number of senior leaders. Most operational leaders are used to defined and tangible outcomes…agreed upfront and delivered by project teams.

Improving your customer’s experience, isn’t like that. It's part science, part innovation, part tangible and part intangible. Where each of these elements is valuable.

So how do you understand and deliver the best outcome for Customers, Staff and the Organisation all at the same time?

Introducing the Customer Thinking Diamond. It's named for the shape, however, the benefits you will receive from using it are also priceless.

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It requires you to think about the problem with four different lenses - Outside-in, Inside-out, Bottom-up and Top-down.

  1. An outside-in approach - start by understanding what your customers want and work back into the organisation.
  2. An inside-out approach - start within your own organisation itself and use your internal expertise to determine the current challenges with the business strategy.
  3. A bottom-up approach is an internal grassroots variant. Start with your employees. Use their day to day customer-facing experience to create internal innovation and solutions that address both staff and customer needs.
  4. A top-down approach is driven by competitive pressure typically. The change starts within the leadership and priorities are determined using best judgement and experience of senior leadership.
Diamond graphic for too much and not enough 2

So what if you could find a way that combined all four approaches into one set of solutions. What would it look and feel like? Well it would:

Diamond graphic for too much and not enough 3

So what's not to like about an approach that can achieve all of the above?

If you would like to download the Worksheet just click here. Using this approach will help you frame how you will:

If you would like to more about how to help your stakeholders understand today so you can grow tomorrow, we can readily show you how we have used this approach with great success with other clients.

Download Structured Customer Understanding

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