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Sydney Service Design Drinks & Thinks /2 20 Jan 2010

Last night we held our second Service Design Thinks and Drinks in Sydney at Trinity Bar Surry Hills. I presented a Service Design case study undertaken by Proto Partners for Contours Fitness Studio, a women only gym that has over 200 studios across Australia.

Ellie Nichol from BT Financial Group who attended the SDN Conference in Madeira last year provided some great insight into some of the hot topics from the conference and demonstrated how BT have already successfully employed these methods in their work here in Australia.

Following the presentations we had a great discussion about Service Designs’ role in Business in Australia and some ideas on communicating its increasing relevance to the Australian Service sector.

It’s always important to drink your own Coolade so following the presentation of the Contours Case Study where we showcased the insights derived from using NPS for Contours,  we are over the next few days going to unxertake some user research and undertake Net Promoter Score  on the Australian Servicedesigning Drinks/2 to garner feedback and suggestions to make this a better Service experience.

An idea we have had, sparked by Ellie’s presentation where she discussed “Customers engaging with Customers” is a suggestion that at the next SD/3 we co-create the Sydney Service Design Drinks customer journey and touchpoint experience. It might be a fun way to get everyone involved in a real Service Design project and improve our own event. Love your feedback on this idea at

Sydney Service Design Drinks /3 will be held at 505 Crown Street, Trinity Bar at 6.30pm on March 16th, so pop it into your diary and bring along a friend.

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